most common errors in utm tagging
15 March 2022

The most common mistakes in UTM tagging. How does this affect analytics?

The most common errors in UTM tagging are an issue that is often underestimated due to the lack of knowledge about the consequences of incorrect marking of activities. Missing data or incomplete information lead to wrong business decisions. It is worth making sure that every person having an impact on digital activities in the organization […]

direct in google analytics
10 March 2022

How to decode the Direct source in Google Analytics?

Direct traffic in Google Analytics is often understood as only traffic coming from direct entries by typing the domain name into the browser or clicking on a saved bookmark. In fact, this is only part of the truth and it is worth considering how such traffic can be decoded to refine our analysis. The official […]

13 August 2021

Why is it worth using scoring of marketing channels?

The scoring of marketing channels takes place at the level of the number of clicks and actions delivered by a given channel. Additionally, in a more advanced form, there will be various types of micro-conversion that the user performs while navigating the website. The more dimensions we have to analyze, the more difficult and time-consuming […]

Do you want to learn more about how to implement the scoring of marketing channels in your company?

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